Watch Parties

Consider attending Quant UX Con at a community watch party near you!

A watch party is an in-person, volunteer hosted event. A watch party invites local UX community members to gather, watch the conference, network, and participate in educational or social activities. Watch parties are not officially hosted by the Quant UX Association and are offered by other organizations and attendees. 

Community watch parties are available at no cost (except an optional contribution for refreshments). Please check the details of the event and contact its hosts to find an event that will be interesting, safe, and fun.

Attending a Watch Party

To attend a watch party:

Watch Parties for Quant UX Con 2024 

Following are the current watch party locations for 2024. We may update this list until June 1.
To sign up for any location, click on the sign-up link to register with the watch party host.

Finland Helsinki hosted by Metacore Games: sign up for Helsinki, due by June 5

Hungary Budapest hosted by UX Studio: sign up for Budapest, due by June 10

Netherlands Amsterdam hosted by Minddistrict: sign up for Amsterdam, due by June 5

Poland Bielsko-Biała hosted by UX Bielsko-Biała: sign up for Bielsko-Biała, due by June 4

Portugal Lisbon hosted by Springer Nature: "Best Of" after the conference on June 18: sign up for Lisbon, due by June 4

Slovenia Ljubljana hosted by AddMaple: sign up for Ljubljana, due by June 4 

United Kingdom London hosted by Ocado: sign up for London, due by June 4

United States Austin, TX hosted by Expedia: open: sign up for Austin, due by June 4

Philadelphia, PA area hosted by iThrive: sign up for Philadelphia, due by June 4

Provo, UT hosted by Sawtooth Software: sign up for Provo, due by June 7

San Luis Obispo, CA hosted at Cal Poly: sign up for SLO, due by June 12

Seattle, WA hosted at the University of Washington: sign up for Seattle, due by June 4

Hosting a Watch Party for Quant UX Con 2024

Are you interested to host a watch party at your office, school, or similar location? 

Details for potential hosts are here, with a deadline of May 7, 2024.

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