Quant UX Con 2023 Individual Supporters

Thank you to our supporters for advancing the mission of Quant UX Con!

These individuals help make the conference available and affordable for the worldwide Quant UX community.

Thank you to these generous supporters of Quant UX Con 2023!

Nikki Anderson

Kamyar Ardekani

Mihir Bhatt

Anthony Bocchine

Regard Booy

Chris Chapman

Maria Cipollone

Donald Cox

Benjamin Davison

Benjamin Ferrari-Church

Jennifer Fraser

Fei Gao

Melissa Guyre

Nicole Henninger

Kirti Kanitkar

김장현 (Janghyun Kim)

Raluca Maxim

Lori Meiskey

Melp Meredith

Anne Mugo-Hill

Joe Paxton

Jessica Petrillo

Laura Pomeroy

Kerry Rodden

Nik Samoylov

Katerina Schenke 

Kiayni Spearman

Alexander Thayer

Chen Zhao

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